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When banking online, be sure to use a secure browser and current virus detection software. Never open email from unknown sources or click on links or pop-ups requesting your personal information such as account numbers, PIN numbers or passwords. Cache Bank & Trust accepts no liability for any representation of products, services or information provided through links or pop-ups, and neither the bank nor its regulatory agencies will ever solicit or request your personal, non-public information or ask you to authenticate your security information.

We suggest that you close browsers or other internet sites prior to initiating your online banking session.


We are pleased to introduce you to the services provided by the Trust and Private Banking Group at Cache Bank & Trust. Outlined below is a brief description of the services we provide for our clients. Our focus is on servicing relationships, and our commitment is to insure you receive the highest level of both personal and professional financial services available.

We would be more than pleased to meet and review our services and any questions you may have.

Services Described Below


We will serve as your point of contact for all financial services you secure through Cache Bank & Trust and insure that those services are delivered timely and professionally. It is our role to work with you and access on your behalf those individuals within the Bank that will best provide the services you desire. You can always contact us and not be directed to different areas of the bank for different services. We bring those services to you and are responsible for insuring your total financial relationship with Cache Bank & Trust meets your expectations.


If you prefer making your own investment decisions, but desire to initiate a relationship where we can begin to work together and where we can provide various record keeping and safekeeping services, a custody relationship may be the perfect option. We will personally work with you to deliver the banking and financial services you desire, including reviewing your investment objectives and plan, but we would not be involved with the actual decisions related to what you buy and own. We monitor and collect all dividends and interest, handle all trades, advise with respect to any called bonds or other information regarding your investments, and provide statements and asset valuations. We will also personally assist you with all other banking services you either need or desire.


Our Investment Management services encompass all custodial services plus we work closely with you to structure an investment portfolio that meets your objectives. We have engaged Lockwood Financial Services to provide continuous due diligence on over 3000 money managers nationwide and through whom we access some of the best asset managers in the nation. We work with you to select the manager(s) determined best for your objectives and risk tolerance and those managers build for you an individual portfolio of stocks and bonds. We seldom utilize mutual funds unless they would be the most efficient and cost effective way to achieve a specific objective or diversification.


A Personal Trust can provide you with both custody and investment management services and also serve as the cornerstone planning document for meeting both your life and estate planning objectives. Basically, a trust agreement specifies your desires on how trust assets are to be managed and disposed of during your lifetime and also states your instructions as to distributing the trust in the event of death. The flexibility of establishing a Trust makes this a planning tool we believe can be advantageous for virtually every individual, regardless of wealth.

Property placed in trust should not become part of your probate estate; thus, estate settlement may be simplified and expenses minimized. Income and principal payments may be made immediately to family members or other named beneficiaries without the possible delays of court procedures that may be involved with probate. Should you suffer an accident or illness, or for any reason become unable to manage your financial affairs, the trust agreement typically authorizes us to pay hospital and doctor bills and to continue paying any of your other expenses. Our responsibility during incapacity is to help insure that your financial obligations, and those of anyone else dependent upon you, are handled properly.

We would encourage you to seriously explore utilizing a trust as a planning tool that can help guarantee security for you and for those important to you.


We would work closely with you and your professional advisors to develop an Estate Plan that will carry out your desires. This plan may best be implemented through establishing a Personal Trust as described above or it may be that a trust is not used and your estate distributes pursuant to your Will. If named as the Personal Representative in your Will, we can administer your estate and insure timely distribution and communication with you family and heirs.

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